a rollin' home

Your future camper van to travel in New-Zealand ?

A Winter van

Because you can cook inside (while raining), you can stand up (1,80m height for stretching) and it keeps warm (thanks to the isolating boat carpet on side-walls), you can still use the blanket and the electric heater provided.
Besides, there is a starter which makes sure you will start the engine on a steep mountain road during winter.

The bedroom & lounge

- Great Sleep in a long bed (160x190x15cm) thanks to a memory foam underneath (260$ value)
- 4 pillows, kingsize duvet, blanket.
- Electric heater (ideal for cold nights)
- Library : Want to bring your books for the trip ? There is a convenient space for that, and it’s just above the bed :) !

« So far the best van in the world to discover New Zealand magical landscapes. »


Cook & Water

- 2 gaz cookers
- 12/220V/Gaz Fridge
- In the ceiling, a Top-Window to let the steam away and avoid your worst enemy: Humidity.
- Plates, cooking boards, cutlery, mugs, glasses, everything for 4 people.
- Spices (salt, pepper, coriander, herbs, tea, coffee and much much more !)
- Manual pump connected to a 25L tank of fresh water
- Sink connected to a 20L tank of waste water
- A 10L drinkable water tank
- Porta-loo Toilets (never used)

Our van life

Instead of 4 months, we lived 9 months in the van because he is spacious, warm, bright and cosy. We really felt at home and it was possible to work with our laptops, cook some nice meals and just chill out.

Storage everywhere!

- Kitchen : 3 drawers and 1 big cupboard
- Clothes : Above the kitchen, the space is so deep that it’s perfect to keep your underpants accessibles.
- Bunk Storage : Under the bed, two huge compartment where to store DIY stuff, porta-loo toilets, shoes, sleeping bags…
- Vegetables : We created two kangaroos pockets to have our fruits & vegetables ready.
- Spices & soaps : A shelf to keep them accessible above the kitchen.
- A drying line : Dry your clothes on the line behind the fish-can.


We save as much space as possible and got imaginative on where to hang our leisure stuff, here are some of them :
- 5m of 12V multi-color led lights
- Guitare
- Fishing-line
- Beach-tennis rackets
- Camping table + 2 chairs
- Radio/CD/Aux Jack/USB
- Toolbox
- Electric Drill/Screw-gun on battery
- Handsaw
- Solar shower

You don’t have to be a mechanic to wanna look like one!

All New-Zealand vans are old and this one is not an exception. But it still works well ! Vianney learned some basic stuff in case of mechanic issues. But with a control every 6 months everything is fixed and safe!


- Secondary battery + 300W inverter (12/24V to 240V)+ multi-socket adaptor to plug your phones, cameras, laptop, etc…
- New Secondary Battery (May 2017 - 300$) installed with a DVSR (to make sure your secondary battery doesn’t discharge your engine battery), see schematic on the right.
- Certified outside plug (cable included) to power your van in every campsite.
- Fridge (12V/240V/Gaz)
- Battery charger (to recharge your secondary battery on a 240V plug - 300$ value)


Very well maintained!
Check out the repair listing :

- New exhaust pipe (November 2017 - 425$)
- New cambelt (April 2017 (289000kms) - 800$)
- New front brake hose + front swayer link kit + rear shock absorber + rear shackle bush kit (April 2017 - 1100$)
- New tyres : Both Front changed in March 2017, both Rear changed in 2016.
- Anti-rust treatment (November 2016 - 1000$)
- Rocket cover gasket change (400$) : No leak at motor level.
- New Manual gearbox (June 2016 - 1100$)
- New Self-contained (valid until May 2021, certificate included)

Interested ? Contact us now !

We hope you enjoyed visiting our van, we made it with a bit of passion and mostly for practicing DIY. When we have a coffee while reading and watching at the sea… guilty, we experienced this van life cliché, but we hope you will too !

The van is sold now.
You can still drop us an email for any comment :) !

to Sarah & Vianney in French or English :)